Are you annoyed by frequent pop-up messages saying that "Equis.DisplayCore.dll has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience" or "The program can't start because Equis.DisplayCore.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem"? Are you confused about these messages? Do you fail to solve the problem no matter how hard you have tried? In this passage, we are going to introduce Equis.DisplayCore.dll and Equis.DisplayCore.dll error to you.

Some Information about Equis.DisplayCore.dll file and error

Security risk 0-5:
  5 (Free Spyware Scan)
Affected OS:
Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8
  dll file
Recommended Solution:
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First of all, you need to figure out what Equis.DisplayCore.dll file is. In your computer system, there are many important files which make your system work properly and Equis.DisplayCore.dll file is one of them. Equis.DisplayCore.dll is very crucial to your entire system, because it is utilized to perform certain function of the system or application. Therefore, when you receive Equis.DisplayCore.dll error massage, it means that there is something wrong with Equis.DisplayCore.dll file or its settings. Either of these problems can make Equis.DisplayCore.dll file not able to work properly and result in error message.

* Equis.DisplayCore.dll failed to start

* Error loading C:\WINDOWS\system32\Equis.DisplayCore.dll

* The program can't start because Equis.DisplayCore.dll is missing from your computer.

What will lead to Equis.DisplayCore.dll error?

1. Equis.DisplayCore.dll is being used by too many applications at the same time, which means the workloads seriously exceed its capacity.

2. Viruses and threats corrupt registry entries which are related to Equis.DisplayCore.dll.

3. Computer drivers are out-of-date and can't undertake the current work.

4. You install some programs in a wrong way, which damages Equis.DisplayCore.dll files.

As a result, when you receive Equis.DisplayCore.dll error messages, you should check your computer based on the above causes at the very beginning.

Negative effects of Equis.DisplayCore.dll error

If you don't fix this error timely or ignore it, your computer is likely to encounter greater damages. Here, we conclude some common negative effects for you.

* You fail to use Equis.DisplayCore.dll to create and edit files.

* Equis.DisplayCore.dll error message will seriously affect your computer running and disturb you a lot.

* You computer runs extremely slow and performs poorly. And your system is likely to break down or freeze suddenly.

* Equis.DisplayCore.dll error has the ability to cause other issues.

* If Equis.DisplayCore.dll error is triggered by dangerous viruses, it normally brings about system vulnerabilities which can be used by PC criminals and other threats.

Ways to fix Equis.DisplayCore.dll error

1. Scan your computer and delete hidden malware. Please check the spelling of your Equis.DisplayCore.dll error and make sure it's located in its default file location. You should be more cautious, because some viruses can disguise themselves as Equis.DisplayCore.dll and are is located in different places. As a result, if there is Equis.DisplayCore.dll message keeping popping up on your screen, you must check up Task Manager and file location immediately. Once you find Equis.DisplayCore.dll is not in the default location, your computer is probably attacked by malicious PC threats and you must take actions to remove related threats and fix the error promptly.

2. Reinstall the associated program. Equis.DisplayCore.dll error may appear when it's corrupted or missing. Reinstalling the program may help fix the problem. So you can go to Control Panel and uninstall the current program and install the latest copy.

3. Repair system registry and fix registry errors. If you follow the above two steps and still can not get Equis.DisplayCore.dll error fixed, it's very necessary for you to repair your system registry and make it sound. Most of computer errors are caused by a corrupted registry. As it's known that the registry is the most important part of the Windows Operating System, but it is also a troublesome part which often causes various computer error like Equis.DisplayCore.dll error. If you often receive error messages, it means that you really need to take good care of the registry and make it tidy.

To fix Equis.DisplayCore.dll error effectively, you should find out which registry entries exactly cause the error. That will be a tough job for common computer users. And your computer may have many problems besides Equis.DisplayCore.dll error. So it's recommended that you use PCFixKit to fix Equis.DisplayCore.dll error and other invisible registry issues automatically and completely.

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