3 Ways to Solve Samsung Galaxy S4 Warning Camera Error

Samsung Galaxy S4 Warning Camera Error Solution - If you open the camera app of Android on your Samsung Galaxy S4, then it can happen that the following error message appears on the display: Warning! Camera error!

3 Ways to Solve Samsung Galaxy S4 Warning Camera Error

Solution 1: Restart the Samsung Galaxy S4

This error message makes it impossible to use the smartphone camera . If you also get this error message on the Samsung Galaxy S4, then this article should help you to solve these errors, so that the camera can be used again without problems. We will give you three different tips:

Usually, the camera error can be solved very quickly by restarting the smartphone. The cause is an Android operating system that has been running for several days without a restart. To restart, press the power button once for about two seconds and then click "Restart" in the newly opened window. Your Samsung Galaxy S4 will now restart and there should no longer be any problems with the camera error and the associated warning. If the camera error still persists, then continue as follows:

Solution 2: Clear data and cache in the application manager.

You now have to reset the Android camera app, so to speak. This can be done in the Android application manager. You can find it as follows. Start from your homescreen and tap on Menu --> Settings --> Tab "Options" --> Application manager --> Tab "All". Now look for the following entry in this list: "Camera" If you have found the entry, tap on it and the app information will open. Here you will find three buttons that you have to tap in the following order: Force stop Clear cache Delete data Note: Settings like resolution, flash mode etc. will be reset during this action! Once you have tapped the three buttons, restart your smartphone as we described in solution 1. After the restart, open the Android camera app again. The camera error should now be gone and the camera should be fully operational again.

Solution 3: Check camera for a hardware defect

If the two solutions above did not work, there might be a hardware defect. To test this, you have to navigate to the Samsung service menu. You do this as follows: Open the phone app, go to the "Keypad" tab and enter the following code there: *#0*# In the service menu, you now have to tap on the "Mega Cam" field. This is a test for the camera and is controlled by an extra software. Thus, you can exclude that the error is triggered by the Android camera software. If the camera works in this service test menu, everything is fine and there is a more serious problem with the Android camera app. A factory reset will then remedy the situation. If the test does not work here either and no camera image is displayed, then the camera module in your Samsung Galaxy S4 is probably really defective. If that is the case, only a repair in a service store under warranty will help. We hope that this article could help you to solve the camera error on the Samsung Galaxy S4.

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